Unofficial Trihune Members


Asjhone: Emergency Room nurse at Astoria Memorial Hospital. Mother to Keandre Williams. Meet Sarid Endiab at the hospital. He was a patient.

Emma: Former art teacher at Ashten Elementary School. Victim of a Fallen attack, she was brought to the Sept One Behnshma HQ by Gabriel Neely.

Father Gregory: Head priest at St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Was first introduced into the Trihune world at the age of seven when Cade witnessed the death of his mother.

Kate: Has the power of psychometry. Was raised in foster care, and at eighteen began to bounce around the country. Met Lucas Webb in Philadelphia, was brought to the Sept One HQ, and thereafter learned she was the Key.

Keandre: Wants to be just like LeBron James when he grows up. Loves playing with Sarid, Ben, and Mr. Gabe. Has the ability to hear demon’s thoughts.

Pastor Ken: Senior pastor of First Baptist Church. The church is his home; the parishioners, his family. He willingly and faithfully serves the Trihune.