The Language

Trihune Language, Trihune Series by RB Austin


ach: A brother.

adohn: A term of respect; means lord of the house or ruler.

ADM: After Dawn Meeting.

amohsea: A term showing subservience; means master.

bahshrett: A Trihune’s true equal, the other half of their soul.

BDM: Before Dusk Meeting.

Behnshma: Supernatural beings created by the Sonh to be protectors to the Followers. There are seven Behnshma Septs, or divisions, around the earth.

chemda: A term of endearment; means precious or sweetheart.

choghen: A human clergyman.

ebhed: A servant employed by Trihune members. For their servitude ebhed receive a longer lifespan void of illness, and protection for themselves and family members.

Fallen: Dead beings created by Apollyon. They consume souls in order to survive.

Followers: Humans.

nheqeba: A female.

pnachum: A ritual employed when a Trihune member severely wrongs another member.

Shaydes: Supernatural beings created by the Holyspiryt. Shaydes guard the gate between the heavens and the underworld. They can be called upon by other Trihune members in time of need as a last resort.

Trinyty: Comprised of the Fathyr, the Sonh, and the Holyspiryt. Created by the Creator to be His guardians and confidants. With the Creator they are one, sharing his innermost thoughts and He theirs.

Trihune: Comprised of Behnshmas, Woyrs, and Shaydes. Created by the Trinyty to be the true sacred defenders of the Creator and His Followers.

Woyrs: Supernatural beings created by the Fathyr. Woyrs appear human but show their true form when near Apollyon or his Fallen.

zakaar: A male.