Dream Cast

Lucas is Desmond Harrington.

It was a dream that spurred the plot of Fallen Darkness. The dream was mostly about my heroine, Kate, but in it Desmond Harrington was Kate’s rescuer. He fit perfectly in the role of Lucas. (Yum! Just look at those eyes.)



Kate is Emmy Rossum from the TV series Shameless. They have similar characteristics, particularly their stubborn determination to survive. (Kate-slash-Emmy is just naturally gorgeous, don’t you think?)



The antagonist, Henry, aka Serial, is a random guy on the street. Someone you wouldn’t look at twice. For this character, I had to choose Matt Damon from The Informant. There’s nothing freakier than a guy-next-door killer.



Sonneillon is the other bad guy. (Psst. He’s my favorite. Don’t tell the others.) Sonneillon is played by Daniel Radcliffe, though definitely not the Harry Potter version.



Who do you see when you read Fallen Darkness? Let me know here.