Deleted Chapter

This chapter was originally in the story after Sarid and Asjhone first kiss, and before Sarid comes over for a Kenadre-less dinner. A few of the high points made it into other chapters, but here’s the complete scene in its former glory. Enjoy!  “He took me to The Clove. Bought a bottle of wine. A whole bottle. The …Continue Reading

Asjhone meets Wayne

“Order up.” Asjhone rested her elbows on the counter, chin in palm. Could this day get any slower? “Order up!” “Yo, Asjhone. That’s for you.” “Huh, what?” Asjhone turned. Angelique smirked. Her eyes moved from Asjhone to the serving hatch. Asjhone followed her gaze, meeting the boss’s angry frown. She straightened immediately and hustled over …Continue Reading