Kate’s Psychometry Lessons and Emma’s Announcement

This piece was originally the second to last chapter in the novel. I had to hold back a few tears when I cut it. It’s definitely my favorite of the deleted scenes. My editor thought it slowed the momentum of the story down, and as I often do, I bowed to her wisdom. *Contains SPOILERS if …Continue Reading

Lucas Gets Shot

Fallen Darkness went through many—many!—edits and revisions. This was originally part of the first chapter. As the story is now, this scene happens right before the book starts. Enjoy! RB Gabe and Lucas headed up the driveway. A quick scan showed they were still alone. Lucas finally allowed his full Behn powers access. His eyes …Continue Reading

Releasing Darkness For The First Time

In this scene, Lucas remembers his time in the Ceremonial Chamber when Elias first removed the darkness inside him. The scene was written for Fallen Darkness, although actually happened in the last half of Book 1, Fallen Redemption. Enjoy! RB Gabe and Sarid helped Lucas to the Chamber. The anger was still inside him. A …Continue Reading