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Exciting, Exciting – Did I Mention EXCITING! – News

It happened all unexpectedly in mid-January.

Well, not really, I expected some type of response, just not so quickly.

I sent an email earlier that day and received an automated response to expect a reply in three to four weeks. Later that evening, I was checking my mail before bed and saw a response had arrived already. I opened the email and was like . . .



Then I re-read it and was like . . .


Outside, I was calm and collected.


For about two seconds, then I . . .


And . . .



When I told Husband, we were like . . .



Then I emailed my sister, Ella, who is also a writer, and we had a virtual . . .


So are you ready? Do you want to know what it is? Do you have an inkling?

Most days I’m still like . . .


And . . .


Okay, I’ve made you wait long enough.

The second book in my Trihune Series – titled as-of-right-now Fallen Darkness – is under contract through Soul Mate Publishing.


I’m just so excited. I can’t wait to share Lucas’s story with you!


Stayed tuned for more information on a release date and website extras.





Review by : lisenminetti

In her debut novel, RB Austin has taken a subject that has been done to death and breathed new life into it. In a world where we have millions of books to read and ideas are no longer new, this is extremely difficult, but she does it with ease.

For me, this was far less a novel about vampires than it was about the internal struggles of Cade as he battles centuries worth of regret only to question everything he knows when meets Emma. RB’s writing shines in her depiction of Cade’s inner conflict and his journey to overcome it. Emotions swirl and I was sucked into his turmoil, and his uncertainty, right along with him.

And then there is Emma. Spunky, strong-willed Emma. I have found in most romance novels, the leading lady never truly stops to question why she is falling fast for her hero. Not so much with Emma. She wonders every minute what the hell is wrong with her. Whereas Cade is busy dealing with his centuries of fear and doubt, Emma questions her sanity at every turn when she is confronted with Cade’s world and any feelings she may have for him. And I love that about her. She is not one of those sappy female characters who swoon and flutter for the man – jabbing her finger into his chest while giving him a piece of her mind is more her style.

The interaction between them, and between Cade and the rest of his brothers (the Trihune) is engaging to say the least, and I really hope that RB explores those secondary characters more in her next book.

Of course, Fallen Redemption is not all about the feelings that have sparked between Cade and Emma – Cade and his brothers still have to worry about saving the souls of the humans around them from the Fallen, including dealing with a force stronger than they have ever encountered before.

I know earlier that I said this was a novel about vampires, but I think just leaving it at that sells the story short. When I think of vampire novels, the same old images are conjured up – evil blood sucking fiends allergic to sunlight and garlic that have a penchant for hunting the innocent. Or the opposite: the Stephenie Meyer induced phenomena of sparkly teenage vampires who just want to be normal(ish).

RB has created a universe where her characters are nothing like this. In fact, she almost never refers to the Trihune as vampires – she only uses the word six times in the entire novel. I personally wouldn’t even consider it a book about vampires. Because really it isn’t. Two forces of immortal beings fighting against one another in the ultimate battle of good vs evil – light vs dark; yes. Vampires, not so much.

I highly suggest giving this book a read, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

– Lisen Minetti