Apollyon and his Fallen


Apollyon: Also known as The Accuser No More. Once lived in the heavens working under the Creator. He is the creator of the Fallen.

Fallen: Soulless demons that must feed on Followers’ souls in order to survive. They cannot walk in sunlight. Without souls they will become crazy and eventually die a horrible, painful death.

Henry Jones (aka Serial, aka The Bone Saw Surgeon): Was a serial killer when he was a Follower. As a Fallen likes to cut up his victims before ingesting their soul.

Kobal: Also known as the Demon of Hilarity. He can transform into blue smoke at will. Will create chaos for his own enjoyment.

Lilith: Also known as the Queen of Demons. She uses beauty and seduction to attract Followers and demons.

Sonneillon: Apollyon’s second in command. He can walk in sunlight and has wings. His job is to recruit Followers for Apollyon. Once the Followers are turned into Fallen, they are put back into Sonneillon’s care. He oversees the Fallen’s acclimation into their new life.

Vetis: Also known as the Demon of Corruption. With his breath, he can freeze his prey or corrupt them into doing his bidding. Died in Fallen Redemption.