Asjhone talks about Wayne

I thought about leaving Wayne. It was the first year of our marriage. After the miscarriage.

Hospital records said I tripped over our cat and fell down the stairs.

We didn’t have a cat.

But Wayne had been so upset about losing our baby. He promised to go to anger management classes.

And it was good for a while. He was the Wayne I fell in love with. But then things at work started to go bad.

He had just lost a major client, and dinner hadn’t been ready as soon as he came home. I received my first black eye that night.

I packed a bag. Determined to leave this time. I wasn’t weak. I wasn’t like those other women who just allowed their husbands to beat them and then make excuses or blame themselves.

But then he saw my suitcase. Threatened to hurt my family. Said he knew people. As a defense attorney I knew he knew a lot of bad people.

So I stayed. Said I was doing it for my family. For Mom and Dad. Angelique wasn’t talking to me anymore at this point, but Wayne knew I still cared for her.

Things were okay. If I didn’t anger him. He liked to be in control. I didn’t mind. Not that much.

When I found out I was pregnant with Keandre he was so happy. He doted on me. Even kissed my belly once or twice. Helped decorate the nursery when he wasn’t tired.

For a while it seemed like things might really be okay.

But then it wasn’t.

I couldn’t put it off any longer. I was a mother now. I had to protect my baby at any cost.