Asjhone meets Wayne

“Order up.”

Asjhone rested her elbows on the counter, chin in palm. Could this day get any slower?

“Order up!”

“Yo, Asjhone. That’s for you.”

“Huh, what?” Asjhone turned.

Angelique smirked. Her eyes moved from Asjhone to the serving hatch. Asjhone followed her gaze, meeting the boss’s angry frown. She straightened immediately and hustled over to the window.

“Sorry, Greg.” She loaded two plates onto her right forearm, then grabbed the remaining plate with her left. “Between clinicals and nursing school, I barely get four hours of sleep every night.”

Greg grunted. “I don’t care about your personal life. It doesn’t belong here in my diner. Do your job or I’ll find someone else who can.”

Asjhone swallowed, nodded.

“Better watch out.” Angelique’s tone was quiet. “He’s been in a pissy mood ever since Betty left him.”

“Yeah.” Asjhone served the food and was on her way back to the kitchen for a fuller bottle of ketchup and another glass of pop when the bell dinged. “Sit wherever you want,” she called out with a smile for the new customers. “We’ll be right with you.”

After making sure the rest of her tables were doing okay, she walked over to the two men who’d sat in her section. Taking out her pad, she flipped it to a new ticket. “How are you guys doing today? Ready to order?”

“What do you recommend?” The voice was deep, commanding. Her gaze flicked up. Mouth went dry as her heart picked up speed. Sweat prickled under her arms.

Hot damn.

The man was gorgeous. His crisp white shirt accentuated his perfectly dark skin. A red tie swung slightly forward from his lean on the table. The dark gray suit jacket fit too well to be anything but custom made.

She swallowed. Smoothed a hand over the curls on the side of her face that were too short to fit in the ponytail. Coffee stained the edges of both sleeves and Tabasco sauce was smeared on her shirt over her left breast. Great.

A low chuckle sounded from the right.

The man smiled. Practically in slow motion. She watched his mouth flip up at the corners, millimeter by millimeter until a set of perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth were revealed. Hell, but that smile only made him more gorgeous.

A toddler screamed two tables down. She startled. Dropped her gaze. Her cheeks began to heat. He’d said something to her . . . Oh, yeah. “The tuna melt is a favorite. Or if you still want breakfast, the three-egg omelet with cheese and spinach.”

When he didn’t respond, she lifted her gaze back up.

His eyes were steady on her. Smile still in place. Expression said he’d noticed her interest. And, perhaps returned it.

Her cheeks flamed hotter.

“I’ll take the cobb salad. No eggs. Dressing on the side.”

His choice of food wasn’t what she expected from the virile specimen in front of her, although eating at the diner didn’t suit him either. She scribbled on her pad. “Anything to drink?”

“Coffee, please.”

“Of course.” She glanced at the guy sitting across from him, realizing a few seconds later he was the one who had laughed at her. His expression was amused, eyebrows lifted, as his gaze roamed up and then down her body.

She resisted the urge to cross her arms over the red stain on her shirt.

“I’ll take that three-egg omelet you were talking about.”

“Hash browns?”

“Yes, with onions.”

“And to drink?”

“Orange juice.”

She flipped her pad closed. “I’ll get your drinks. The order shouldn’t take too long.”

“Thank you, Asjhone.”

Her gaze whipped back to the man. His eyes were lifting from the nametag on her chest.

Another swallow. She nodded and turned quickly to avoid saying anything stupid. Like, will you have babies with me.

It took all her concentration to walk normally to the serving counter, and then to relay the order to the cooks. Her hand shook when she attached the ticket to the wheel and spun it toward the kitchen. How could a gorgeous face make her so nervous? She better learn to control this reaction. Nurses had to stay detached.

“You get all the luck. That guy is sex on a stick.”

“Angelique!” Greg narrowed his eyes. “Don’t talk about my customers like that.”

Angelique rolled her eyes and leaned down to whisper in Asjhone’s ear. “Greg’s just jealous he can’t claim that title anymore.”

Asjhone laughed and glanced over her shoulder. The man was watching her. She quickly busied herself with getting drinks. Heat spread from her cheeks to all over her body.

“If you don’t go for him, I will,” Angelique folded her arms over her chest, leaning back against the counter, not even bothering to pretend she wasn’t ogling him.

“Stop staring,” she hissed.

Angelique chuckled. “Are you calling dibs?”

“Fine. Yes. I call dibs. Just stop looking over there. He’ll know we’re talking about him.”

Her friend’s smile grew wide. “About time. An all work and no play Asjhone, makes for very boring girl time conversations. I expect explicit detail, and I’m talking size here.”

“Angelique!” Asjhone choked. “Oh my God, I just met him. I don’t even know his name.”

Her friend smirked. “You done with those drinks yet? Your boy’s looking a little thirsty.”

Asjhone peeked a glance over her shoulder. He was still staring. When he caught her looking, he winked.

“Yep,” Angelique said. “Explicit. Detail.”